A Story in Photos

A Temple to Design

Barcelona, the city of design, finally has a Design Hub. Inaugurated
at the end of 2014, it is home to the Design Museum of Barcelona,
the Barcelona Design Center and the Fostering Arts & Design association.

(c) Lourdes Jansana

The Stapler

The Design Hub is part of the ongoing radical urban transformation of the Plaza de las Glorias. The now emblematic building housing the Design Hub has been affectionately dubbed The Stapler by locals.

(c) Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre

Working together

For the first time, all facets of the Barcelona design industry are working out of the same space: representing heritage is the Design Museum of Barcelona; the designers’ association FAD fostering arts and design; and the more business-oriented BCD or Barcelona Design Center.

(c) Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre


While not everyone is necessarily a fan of the exterior, the interior of this highly refined architectural work by the local MBM Arquitectes studio is impossible to resist.

(c) Lourdes Jansana

The Light

A significant difference in ground level has put half of the Design Hub practically underground. Yet there is always natural light, thanks to the use of ingenious skylights and a lake-filled trench.

(c) Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre


The DHUB building is also home to a public library, a documentation center, the research center in innovative materials MATERFAD and rooms for eduactional activities.

(c) Lourdes Jansana

A living hub

Spectacularly equipped with conference halls and amphitheatres, the DHUB is also a fantastic venue for public events, such as the OFFF Festival and the Barcelona Mini Maker Faire.

(c) Francesc Arnó


The DHUB is a new icon for Barcelona’s ever-changing skyline, situated just next to Jean Nouvel’s emblematic Torre Agbar.