Innovation Brief

Prototyping in Barcelona

Capitalizing on its unique innovation ecosystem and already a test bed for large corporations, the city is developing a unique platform for prototyping ideas, big and small.


A tool for innovators,
big and small

Prototyping Barcelona is a tool developed for innovators, no matter where they are from or how big their idea is. Among the platform’s first applicants can be found a Chicago-based multinational, Spanish startups and even a local pensioner! All following in the footsteps of large corporations like Schneider, Philips, Cisco or Fujitsu, already using Barcelona as a living laboratory in which to put their innovation to the test.

Projects with an economic
and social impact

Projects must comply with the selection criteria of providing social and economic benefits and promoting the Barcelona brand. They are then classified according to strategy: those improving existing products; completely new and disruptive products; and products linked to the city model. Examples already on the market are Urban Smart Toys, Vincles and Social Coin.

To become a magnet
for ideas

The city of Barcelona aims to cash in on both its natural resources and its infrastructural assets in order to become the Prototyping Capital of the world. A bid that will provide it with revenue, jobs, talent and social innovation while strengthening its status as an example to follow. Barcelona wants to inspire the world, and becoming a pole for prototyping is part of the plan.

Barcelona is a living laboratory for innovation

They are prototyping
Prototyping now!

The idea of creating a transversal enabling platform based on a novel philosophy of innovation was born in January 2015. The launch was originally planned for November of the same year, but then it occurred to the team that they could prototype the prototyping platform itself! Taking advantage of the World Mobile Congress in March, Prototyping Barcelona opened for business and since then has received more than eighty proposals.

It all starts with
an idea

The procedure is simple and surprisingly personable. After sending your idea to the Prototyping website you get a personal response, a free training session and an invitation to go and meet the team. A direct approach giving innovators the opportunity to transmit their passion and enthusiasm, and ensuring projects get the right pitch in front of the evaluation board. If selected, a mentor is appointed to accompany the project throughout the prototyping period.